Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday SHB .....

It has been a hectic few weeks - another trip to Bangkok to work with the excellent team there and a lot of activity around the completion of the Synergy acquisition for Hyro and all sorts activities surrounding end of year reporting and the ongoing growth of the business as a whole....
one personal high-light has been the celebration of the 75th birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We took the walk today over the Bridge and it remains an outstanding experience.

The ingenuity, the endeavour and the persistence to see a dream realised 75 years ago teaches us some lessons today. If you believe that the thing you are doing today will lead to change and benefit for generations to come, then nothing is too big, too complex and too challenging to take on. When you dream big and follow through ... then you get to change the world.

It is an amazing thing the Sydney Harbour Bridge ... drive over it, look up and say a word of thanks to those who never gave up ..... well done guys .. you DID change the world.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


A quick post to celebrate the fact that the wizards at Hyro got to celebrate not ONE, not TWO ... but TWO AND A HALF "Ami" awards at the 13th annual AIMIA awards in Sydney on Friday night.

The team are amazing - they got nominated as finalist SEVEN times (more than any other group!!) and they WON two awards and got a Highly Commended in a third category.

WOOO HOOOO to you guys.... see... you ARE changing the world.