Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blogging - Day 1....

The motivation to start a blog has come from a recent article about Jonathan Schwartz - President & COO of Sun Microsystems. Mr Schwartz commented that in this day and age it is important for all of us with something to say, something to share or a vision we want to bring into reality, to get our ideas out there for others to share, challenge and help to evolve. By engaging others with our thoughts we give them substance. By allowing others to challenge our ideas we give them depth and by embracing the perspectives provided by others, we give our thoughts and ideas power - the power to become actions and to then deliver results. The task then is to break some (not unbreakable) old habits and to learn how to blog.

The biggest challenge for me is not to place my ideas out there for others to test and question (and please feel free to do so) but to make sure that the topics I choose are valid, relevant and worth the time I am asking you to invest in them.

Already the ideas are coming thick and fast, but rather than allow this blog to head down a particular path, I have decided that I am going to use it to capture my insights on something BIG... the BIG thing that is the broad, deep, subtle and stark change that is being driven by online services. These changes are starting to affect just about every aspect of our work, our lives and the way we interact. Even though this change has been gathering creeping momentum for a decade, the pace of change is now reaching a canter and in my mind will break into a gallop in the next year or two... things have changed. It is now time for business, government, people to catch up.

I am fortunate enough to work with a great bunch of people who make up what we are calling a Pure Online Services Company called Hyro. This is a team of people who are devising, implementing and driving part of this cantering change for our commercial and government clients. A lot of what I post here will be as a result of the work we do as a team and the things I see as a part of my job.

Forgive me if I get a little passionate as we go along, but I enjoy my job and the things we do .... after all, we get to change the world!

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Anonymous said...

how does the pending acquisition of Synergy Plus fit into Hyro's plans for the future?