Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A distant rumble becomes a LOUD ROAR....

I have written a couple of times about some of the fundamental changes going on in the advertising market, some of which are quite structural - they affect the foundations of how marketing messages are going to be distributed from this day hence.

An article today, picked up as a snippet in the Australian Financial Review and covered in more detail in some US news publications such as the LA Times Business Section tells of the announcement of video advertising from Google.

It seems like a small announcement, but this is a VERY BIG THING. Google have created a "utility grade infrastructure" which will allow brand marketers to distribute rich media, video and animation advertising content for targeted distribution via popular internet sites. BIG BRAND MARKETERS TAKE HEED - you can now DIRECTLY TARGET your TVCs to the consumers you want to reach by placing your ads on others' websites..... but it gets even better.

This is the internet folks, we can enhance the content you present with highly functional, effective capability to ensure that consumers not only SEE the offer they are presented, but they will also have the capacity ACT ON THE OFFER... it is like a TVC but one that actually works!! It's time to stop talking to old fashioned advertising agencies and to start talking to the specialist Digital Services Companies like Hyro.... (sorry for the blatant plug, but this is what we have been building for more than a dozen years!)

I really do love this stuff that we do - because we are changing the world!

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