Sunday, July 23, 2006

You ROCK my world!! (Ode to a great team)

A busy week this week with a round of investor presentations in Melbourne and Sydney and the announcement of our interim half yearly results (audited results will come out in a couple of weeks) and it has been a real pleasure.

The company (Hyro) has been working through a plan we set out a little over a year ago. As I explained in our presentations, there were three things we had to do; clear the decks of the history we inherited when we joined Hyro, set the company onto a commercial footing (which means operating profitably) and then pt everything into place to make the most of the opportunity ahead of us.

I am pleased to say (and it is in the announcements) that the team have achieved everything we set out to do - on time and a little ahead of expectations. The company has posted an operating profit for the second quarter (which has taken us into an operating profit for the half) and all of the tactical and strategic things we have had to do have been done, on time.

There aren't any great secrets to this; we have a wonderful team of people who have kept their heads down, their minds on the task and have not, at any stage done anything other than concentrate on doing the very best they can for our clients - these people are amazing!

It is a little humbling - when you can see what this team has been able to do from a starting position well behind where you would like to be and with one hand tied behind their backs thanks to the history they inherited, I can only imagine what they can do now that all the ingredients for success are in place.

And the great thing? At the same time as building the momentum for success, the Hyro team will be changing the world.....

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