Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good people are great to find ....

We have a great four or five weeks on the recruitment front. We implemented a new recruitment process within Australia and New Zealand, and created some internal service levels; resumes must be reviewed within 24 hours of receipt and suitable candidates interviewed within 3 business days. And what an impact this has had.

In July, we hired 21 new people in Australia and New Zealand, right across the business. On seeing some of the resumes, these are outstanding people, with great experience and a lot to add to our business. When I think about the existing team and what these new people can bring ... WOW!! Hyro is really hitting its straps!!

I think some of the success in attracting good quality resumes can be attributed to the progress the whole Hyro team is making. We are getting a reputation in our market for good quality work and a strong commitment to our clients and I think this helps to attract the right people.

The process is continuing, so if either of you dear readers thinks you have something to add to Hyro, please give us a call! Who knows, you could find yourself helping to change the world....

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