Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ratings are grating ....

I was watching the Sunday morning news this morning (following yesterday's election results the post-mortem commentary has been interesting) and the presenters announced that "this was the last show for the year." It appears that despite all of the signs that the media world is changing, we again find ourselves at the abyss of the "non-ratings period" - that time of the year when Christmas specials and d-grade TV content makes it onto our screens.

I am surprised that this tradition has been maintained this year, particularly given the challenge of traditional media to retain consumers in light of better, faster and more compelling digital alternatives. I expect that this year will see more people sampling online content in lieu of yet another purile All-American Christmas Special (it DOESN"T snow here at Christmas ... really!) and next year will see more new strategies from the main industry players to integrate to and leverage the new, digital media mix. It will again be an interesting and exciting time and we look forward to doing our part to help our clients make the most of the opportunities these changes present.

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