Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where, oh where, had my little blog gone?

Both readers have been in touch to let me know that they had missed my blogs and had noticed that I hadn’t posted since the start of the year. It was nice to know that someone cares and that both readers found value in the opinions and insights I share with them through this blog.

So, I guess you could say I have been a little busy over the last three or four months. Those of you who follow the company will know that we have had a fairly unusual and demanding few months. A combination of a fairly hefty ‘miss’ on the results for 2007 against the guidance which had been in the market, the immediate departure of our former CEO soon after and the mountain of work restructuring and moving the business forwards since then, has meant little time to devote to my blog. Sorry about that, but my mind has been fully engrossed with our team, customers and shareholders (equally focussed and equally important). Our share price has taken a pounding (what a market to release bad news into?) and we have had to deal with the obvious flow-on effects of disgruntled shareholders and the usual activity which ensues.

We have got a lot done in the first four months. The Chairman and CEO were able to give a good, pragmatic update at the AGM this week and I think our shareholders, while resentful that we have found ourselves in this situation, can see the merit and conviction in our approach and our progress. We are committed to making Hyro into the great company we know it has the potential to be.

So, you will see some more blogs from me over coming weeks and months. I enjoy the fact that many people I meet tell me that they have read my blog in the past (I presented in the Keynote at the Microsoft REMIX conferences this week and three people I met mentioned they had read, and now missed, my blogs). I regret the fact that few of them have the time or inclination to comment, argue or rebuke. Maybe I just need to make this a little more interesting….

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